Bashful May arrives with flowers

May 3, 2014 

The ancients had the right idea when they chose to name the month of May in honor of a nymph known as Maia, considered to be the most beautiful of the seven daughters of Atlas. She was apparently a bashful lass, for it was rumored that she, in seeking to escape from the attention of the gods, found refuge in a heavenly constellation known as the Pleiades.

In time, she became known as the goddess of growth, the fifth month named in her honor welcomes her with May baskets and Mother’s Day. Perhaps it is only coincidental that when the constellation of Pleiades falls in the west it means summer is on the way.

The wise men and women of old warned against planting the seed of grain until the winter star Orion is no longer visible after midnight for this marks the beginning of frost free days.

On the same vein, the earliest of heroic explorers, those surviving romantic adventures of the seven seas, quickly passed to their successors the warnings that the seasonal storms peaked at this time and to contest Poseidon, God of the seas would be to face unforgiving forces.

Sweet daisies, wear white starched skirts as brilliant as the sun, washed clouds of summer that ride the wild herds are pasturing these days, rain-washed grasses of nature’s gardens are coming up. Opening sweet violets and daisies, bloom with the awakening sun, their hearts honey filled pots of molten gold inviting humming birds and bees as lovers.

Lands of newly leafed green flowers dance to the springtime melodies of wind and bird song. Earthbound flowers of May swing and sway to the tune following the wind’s orchestra as it plays the songs of the ever moving seasons as Maia’s children welcome the flowers of May.

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