Katherine Cooley: Not fooled by Murry

May 5, 2014 

Nice try, Tom Murry. His May 2 letter “Righting the ship” was a slick effort to convince voters he is pro-public education. We are not so easily fooled.

Murry has consistently voted against public school students and teachers by supporting legislation that lifts the cap on class size, cuts teacher assistants in the lower grades, strips teachers of extra pay for master’s degrees, eliminates career status for teachers and funnels public tax dollars away from public schools to fund private school vouchers.

Shifting the blame for stagnant teacher pay on former Democratic leaders is ludicrous, especially as Murry and his GOP allies in the legislature gave significant tax breaks to North Carolina’s wealthiest residents in lieu of raising teacher salaries. It is disingenuous of him to pretend he is pro-public education when his voting record is clearly anti-public education. And it is an insult to voters to think we would fall for it.

Katherine Cooley


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