Rachel Wooten: Bad climate

May 5, 2014 

Recently I spoke with the United Services Automobile Association about increases in my homeowner’s insurance premiums. USAA is one of the best insurance companies in the nation, insuring only service members and their immediate families at extremely reasonable rates.

The representative was apologetic since I’ve made few claims on the policy over the 30 years of being insured. Her explanation: My increased premium is due to extreme weather events in my part of the country. We expect those to continue and possibly become worse.

I’m wondering if the four “business-friendly” Republicans vying in the primary for their party’s Senate nomination would please call USAA and tell it that climate change is not real. Perhaps since they’re so “business friendly” they can convince it of the errors of its actuarial data and its statistical projections of continued extreme weather.

Of course, since they’re not interested in the science of climate change, they might not be interested in actual data, either, even from a business. I remain hopeful that they can win USAA over and persaude it to lower my premium!

Rachael Wooten


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