Thomas McKee: Job myths

May 7, 2014 

Let’s debunk a notion that the wealthy are job creators deserving of special considerations. The GOP knows it’s bunk, but it’s a staple of its mantra.

Real job creators are those with ideas, enthusiasm and determination who start businesses and hire others as demand for their product/service causes their businesses to grow. Usually their wealth, if any, comes much later. The often unrecognized job creators are the masses – given sufficient numbers of them with money to spend on purchases beyond life’s bare necessities. In contrast to the wealthy, they spend most of their income, thus creating the demand that enables businesses to grow and hire.

Ford, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Dell, Facebook and Amazon are examples of businesses started in garages, dorm rooms, lofts, etc. Millions of firms had comparable humble beginnings.

Wealth, however, often does the opposite – not starting new firms and hiring but combining existing ones and reducing the combination’s headcount. Unfortunately, the GOP’s the-wealthy-as-job-creators propaganda is quite effective. So, to the detriment of a stronger economy for all, too many vote GOP at least partly because they have been brainwashed into erroneously believing that their interests are in concert with those of billionaires and corporations.

Thomas McKee


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