Video: Phil Berger (finally) endorses Thom Tillis

Posted by John Frank on May 8, 2014 

Two days after House Speaker Thom Tillis, won the Republican Party nomination for U.S. Senate, his counterpart in the state Senate endorsed his candidacy.

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger said Tillis had his “full support.” (See video below.)

The deadpan delivery of Berger’s speaking style – and the fact the two were nearly rivals in the race – only accentuated the fact that it came after the election. Berger and Tillis were at odds at times in the last two legislative sessions but Berger called him a “partner” in his remarks.

Gov. Pat McCrory and other prominent Republicans backed Tillis earlier in the campaign, though some party activists felt it was inappropraite amid the eight-way primary.

“I’ve served with both Speaker Tillis and with Sen. Hagan,” Berger said. “I can tell you that the person that should be representing us in Washington, the person that will advance the things the people of North Carolina believe in is Thom Tillis.”

Democrat Kay Hagan served five terms in the state Senate before being elected to the U.S. Senate in 2008.

Get more from Berger’s press conference about the upcoming legislative session here.

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