Stephen Jurovics: Averting a crisis

May 8, 2014 

Regarding the April 21 Point of View “ Why green energy mandates don’t work”: The writer totally avoided the phrases “climate change” and “greenhouse gas emissions.” If the writer does not believe in climate change, that should have been stated at the outset. That’s the elephant in the room, and it’s not going away because he did not mention it.

Governments provide incentives for green energy because there is a climate change crisis. Crisis is the appropriate term, for the current generation must put us on a path of reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Kicking this issue down the road will result in irreversible changes to the planet.

America must use every practical option to reduce fossil fuel use and speed the transition to nonpolluting forms of energy. In fact, green energy mandates work extremely well. The U.S. has over 60,000 MW of wind power online and more than 13,000 MW of solar energy operating. This has prevented the emissions of about 200 million tons of carbon dioxide.

In 2013, North Carolina installed more solar capacity than any state except California, and our renewable energy businesses benefited as a result.

Stephen Jurovics


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