Tommy Johnson: Chatham will bring jobs

May 8, 2014 

I support the idea of building the Chatham Park. The developers promise an eco-friendly community that will pose no large risks to the Jordan Lake watershed.

Very recently I went down to Duncan, S.C. Duncan is a town near Spartanburg and Greer that has recently benefited from the construction of new businesses and factories. BMW and Amazon have built large centers there that are now thriving. Why wouldn’t people in Pittsboro want something like that?

Duncan still has that small-town feel because, like it will be with Chatham Park, the big factories and businesses are outside of the town. They are far enough to not disturb the small-town calm but close enough to affect the region greatly.

Now Duncan is not Pittsboro, and the businesses aren’t exactly the same, but right now the unemployment rate is 6.7 percent, and we need jobs. Duncan did something to keep itself from struggling, and Pittsboro now has that opportunity. When people all around the country are begging for jobs I just have to ask: Why not these jobs?

Tommy Johnson


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