Elizabeth L. Oxley: Females deserve love not hate

May 8, 2014 

Regarding the May 8 news article “Threat to sell Nigerian girls stirs global uproar”: The horrible kidnapping of about 275 girls from a Nigerian school by Islamic extremists who do not believe females should be given a “Western” education brings to focus the need to heal some of the world’s views of women.

In a recent meeting in Raleigh of female attorneys from North Carolina, Uganda, Sudan and Burkina Faso, the African attorneys cited female child marriage, domestic violence and grossly inequitable divorce terms as the top injustices to women in their countries. Girls aged 10 and older are forcibly married to older men. In most cases, the authorities do not assist women who seek help in stopping domestic violence. Often women receive nothing in divorce settlements. In the arena of criminal law, often the courts blame young girls for being victims of sexual assault.

The view of females as objects to be used, abused, cast off without consequence and blamed for their own victimization must be exchanged for a higher, spiritual view. The Golden Rule in the Bible to “love thy neighbor as thyself” applies to relations between males and females in every setting. Prayer is powerful, and divine love can break the bonds of the Nigerian girls’ captivity and heal injustice in Africa and worldwide.

Elizabeth L. Oxley


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