Nicole Trueheart: I quit

May 8, 2014 

Teacher No. 601 resigns.

Reading a resignation letter from another teacher is getting redundant. Nobody wants to hear it. I don’t want to write it – 602 teachers? 1,000? Even more? Maybe this will be the one to make an impact. Fingers crossed.

Things have rapidly declined professionally for me and for many of my fellow educators. More than money, it is the lack of respect given to the profession from legislators who have not prioritized education for years. I could go on and on here, but there is no need. Cue the paragraph about extra jobs worked over the past 17 years. Cocktail waitress (off at 2 a.m., up at 8 a.m.), waitress at Angus Barn (made more than my profession), tutor (several) and tour guiding (my now permanent endeavor) are all jobs I held down in all of my three months of “time off.”

I write this for my fellow educators who have also lost the passion, the ones who still have it and hope this mass exodus of professionals will be a wake up call. I want to think this letter will fall into the hands of those who can fix it, and it is not too late.

Signed, No. 601

Nicole Trueheart


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