Pamela Boyd: Invest in children

May 9, 2014 

Regarding the April 30 Point of View “ When teachers run out of patience”: Megan Taber should be applauded for speaking out so eloquently about the impending loss of our best teachers and ultimately the loss of a public school system that can meet the challenges of today’s students.

It breaks my heart that the men and women who dedicate themselves to teaching are not receiving enough compensation in money and support to sustain them. I want to challenge N.C. legislators to take the place of a lone teacher in a classroom for just one day (and night since the preparation stretches into the evening) and face those children or teens and give it their best shot.

Because teachers are poorly paid, the rest of the world thinks this is an easy job, requiring little expertise. That is so wrong. The art of teaching involves knowledge from many different fields of study as well as an enormous amount of creative talent. We demand all this from our teachers and give them back so little.

Legislators need to think ahead about how this drain of our teachers will affect North Carolina in a few short years. I assume that they believe that our children are our future, but their actions don’t show it.

Pamela Boyd


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