Cheryl Mensch: Positive core beliefs

May 10, 2014 

Your May 3 editorial section contained some of the best-informed and well-written articles about the common core to date.

Phil Kirk, Jim Goodnight and Ben Owens presented very persuasive arguments, coming from their own backgrounds and experiences in education, for common core. If their beliefs that the common core’s higher goals will equip students nationwide with the academic skills and higher esteem to achieve success in life, whatever the chosen “academic or career paths,” then the possibilities and potential for both individuals and the country are extraordinary.

As Kirk recognized (“ Necessary accountability,” Point of View), changes will be needed as teachers and students alike adjust to the new learning style. The good news is that the common core will allow changes to be made on the local level, particularly by classroom teachers.

And Owens, who is “in the trenches” on a daily basis (“ Personal to all Tar Heels,” Point of View), watches his students becoming more engaged in the learning and developing lifelong skills to equip them with a better future.

Thank you, N&O, for presenting the positive side to a curriculum that could have a major and positive impact on our country.

Cheryl Mensch

Southern Pines

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