Robert Sealock: Core politics

May 10, 2014 

In his May 3 letter “ A standards evaluation commission the way to go,” Jerry Tillman, a legislator from Archdale, tried to prove that Republicans are not politicizing the battle against common core by citing Dr. Terry Stoops, head of education at the John Locke Foundation.

Then the very first sentence of that foundation’s position paper on common core, written by Stoops, cites Lindsey Burke of the Heritage Foundation. Not only are both of these organizations noted for their anti-tax, anti-anything-Obama political activities, neither has any credential in education. Getting one’s talking points from these organizations is not politicization? Come on.

Quite a contrast to the adjacent, well-reasoned, experience-based Point of View piece from fellow conservative Phil Kirk, who laments that some conservative organizations, having failed to derail the Affordable Care Act, have tried to tie common core to Obama.

Robert Sealock

Chapel Hill

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