Tom Poston: ‘Enough said’ now

May 11, 2014 

Of the letters published April 24, two were well-reasoned and thoughtful but another not so much. In the letter “ Disclaimer essential,” the writer made perfectly clear his conviction that Gene Nichol should be obligated to include in his opinion pieces the disclaimer that he does not speak for his employer (UNC). Evidently the writer believes that whenever an individual speaks out publicly he must always clarify that his views do not necessarily reflect those of his employer.

The writer is so complacent in the rightness of his opinion that he ends with a smug “Enough said!” A reflective reader can hardly repress a wry smile as he notices that he does not bother to add a disclaimer that this opinion is not necessarily shared by his own employer. Oops! Now perhaps, “Enough said!”

Tom Poston


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