N&O Scholar-athlete: Carly East, Millbrook softball

May 12, 2014 

Carly East

Millbrook, Softball

Academics: 4.971 on a 4.0 scale with extra credit for advanced courses

Athletics: Four-year varsity softball

Impactful book: “Fahrenheit 451” (by Ray Bradbury) because it showed me a side of society that I had been conditioned to ignore. This book has shown me how we are stripping ourselves down to the bare minimum, removing all individual characteristics of ourselves to create a more obedient, uniform society. However, this book also shows how to limit this “stripping down,” as shown through the journey of the main character Guy Montag, who is taught the value of individual spirit and thought by a young girl named Clarisse and fights back against a uniform society. I hope to be like this girl Clarisse, who reminds people every day the value of individual character and thought and how to enjoy life.

Impactful person: My third- and fourth-grade teacher, Ms. Zezza. She was the greatest educator I ever came in contact with because she made me excited to learn.

Ideal guest list: Nelson Mandela, Harper Lee and Michael Jordan.

Add to Mt. Rushmore: Franklin D. Roosevelt because he took our country through a very consequential part of our history. If World War II and the Great Depression had not been influenced by the decisive and swift actions of Roosevelt, I doubt that America would be as economically and diplomatically competent as we are today.

I was fascinated to learn about: Photosynthesis. It’s amazing that something with no beating heart or brain can not only metabolize and break down food to grow, but make its own food.

I wish I could have been there when: J.K. Rowling came up with the final plot and ideas for her Harry Potter series.

Best U.S. President: President Abraham Lincoln.

A friend is always: There. I know “there” is not an adjective, but I think the greatest gift a friend could give and the greatest thing a friend can be is there.

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