William E. Jackson Jr.: Tillis no moderate

May 13, 2014 

The national media seem to have lost all perspective on the U.S. Senate race in North Carolina, with both The New York Times and Washington Post calling Thom Tillis the “GOP establishment” candidate. Is the press so desperate for any Republican that is one cut above a political nihilist?

Reading and viewing the headlines from national media coverage of the May 6 primary for the U.S. Senate, I did not recognize the winner of the Republican primary as described. I live in the state House district represented by Tillis. He led what has been widely chronicled as a radical conservative revolution approaching a tea party takeover of the N.C. legislature in Raleigh. His “divide and conquer” views on various issues can be described only as extreme in a “purple” state. His resume is beyond dispute. But Tillis is being painted as a “moderate conservative.” Everything is not relative; a reactionary is a reactionary.

William E. Jackson Jr., Davidson

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