Elizabeth Stanton: Revive corps

May 15, 2014 

Teresa Leonard’s May 9 column “ Using hard work to get through the Great Depression” on the Civilian Conservation Corps can be post-scripted with one other fact: Most of these young men ended up as the first into the U.S. military prior to and during the opening days of World War II. They had a number of unique qualifications: physically able, used to regimens and still needing a paycheck.

My late brother-in-law, Anthony Galgano, worked in the Pacific Northwest at a CCC camp doing all the forestry chores Leonard described. I believe he was only 16 when he ultimately entered the Army and fought across the Pacific as part of the famed Americal Division (Americans in Caledonia). He survived the war fortunately.

Like many veterans of WWII, he rarely talked about the horrors he saw and experienced during the war but would often talk of his days with the CCC.

Perhaps this country could use an opportunity like the CCC again for today’s aimless youth. We are too quick to worry about other countries with programs like the Peace Corps and often not focused enough on our own country’s needs.

Elizabeth Stanton

Pine Knoll Shores

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