Raleigh to consider Google Fiber 'huts' on city property for internet service

Posted by Colin Campbell on May 16, 2014 

Here’s a sign that efforts to lure Google Fiber’s high-speed internet service to Raleigh are moving along.

The internet giant has drafted a contract with Raleigh to place what it calls “network huts” on city property. The huts are nine feet tall and would be surrounded by security fencing; Raleigh would charge Google $2,800 per hut per year.

The huts would house the network equipment that powers the internet service, which offers residential customers 1 gigabit-per-second service – nearly 100 times faster than most broadband connections in the United States.

The initial contract goes before the Raleigh City Council on Tuesday. City staff will also ask the council to allow an expedited process for approving each location, which lets Google move more quickly to set up the service if Raleigh is selected.

Raleigh hasn’t determined the location of the huts, though similar efforts toward Google Fiber in Charlotte have identified 31 sites, including a fire station, a water tank and a cemetery.

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