Charlie Board: Short-term solutions to long-term problems

May 16, 2014 

After reading the May 16 news article “ Panel limits sea-level forecast” about a state science panel avoiding the political “problems” posed by a 100-year sea-level forecast by simply reducing the forecast period to 30 years, it occurred to me this simple methodology can be used to “solve” many of the problems the GOP has created for the state in the last few years.

For example, the Republicans can use this exciting new problem-solving method to “solve” the $445 million hole they blew in the budget with their expensive and wasteful tax cuts for the rich. Just pass a law that from now on budget forecasts will be made only one month into the future instead of one year and ... boom, their $445 million problem is now a trivial $37 million problem that can surely be solved by taking more money from those distasteful unemployed people!

We only need a name for this exciting new strategy. How about “the head in the sand” method? Or in honor of the climate change panel, perhaps “the head in the surf” method?

How lucky we are to have such bold leadership in Raleigh finding exciting new ways to pretend our biggest problems don’t exist in order to avoid having to find pesky, ideologically inconvenient solutions!

Charlie Board, Cary

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