Richard Gardner: Leave signs alone

May 16, 2014 

Regarding the May 12 news article “ Council divided over sign rules”: Limiting window signage to 30 percent is unnecessary AND unfair and will have its greatest impact on local, independent, small businesses.

Councilman Thomas Crowder’s rationalization for doing so, “making Raleigh more attractive” and “easier for law enforcement,” is pure nonsense. Attractive? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Limiting the signs will make our city less vibrant, not exactly what city boosters want. For 18 years ComedyWorx was never robbed. Since we installed windows in our brick facade, we have been robbed twice. It is double-edged sword. The police can see inside but so can the thieves.

If Crowder is so concerned about hindering law enforcement, he can start with his own business and get rid of the blinds that cover 100 percent of the windows facing Blount Street. While he is at it, maybe he could hang a sign on his building so police and fire departments could find it in the event of an emergency.

Does Raleigh really need to pay for sign inspectors for a statute that provides absolutely no public good? Or should the city use the funds to raise salaries or provide more officers to make things “easier for law enforcement”?

Richard Gardner


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