Jon Gibson: Berger, Barber not leaders

May 17, 2014 

Regarding the May 11 articles “ The Power & The Opposition” about Sen. Phil Berger and Rev. William Barber: The residents of North Carolina remain the primary sufferers from both of these so-called leaders’ philosophies and actions.

Berger will continue his single-minded effort to further enrich the wealthy, ignore the middle class and punish the poor, all while continuing to create a historic revenue shortfall that will eventually cripple the state’s economy and put even more people out of work.

Barber will continue his single-minded effort to deploy racism and his particular version of religion as catalysts to recklessly divert taxpayer funding into questionable programs and directions that have proven to be false (your article conveniently omitted his very public and embarrassing proclamation of James Johnson’s innocence in a murder cover-up a few years back).

Neither of these “leaders” is capable of taking even the first step toward the requisite compromise and bipartisanship required to return our state to social and fiscal health. As a result, most North Carolinians will continue to feel the brunt of their actions (and inactions) for years to come.

Jon Gibson


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