Al Slaughter: Barber a publicity hound

May 17, 2014 

In reading the May 11 news article “ The Power & The Opposition” on Rev. William Barber’s purported claim to fame, I noted the passage concerning his trip in the Caribbean describing some of his cohorts. They were described as big thinkers: publishers, writers, editors, celebrities and even that purveyor of imagined facts, Oliver Stone. My questions is: Who the heck were the big thinkers? All I see are Democratic lapdog supporters, so full of themselves the ship must have surely tilted from time to time. All I saw missing were the other alleged geniuses, local professors of the same ilk.

As for Barber, he is the face of divisive rhetoric and race-baiting, and his main concern is his own publicity. He is the poster child for The N&O’s activism for Democrats. Please find him more cruises to go on.

But I am sure business would be down on Mondays at the coffee and yogurt shops downtown as well as traffic in the gated communities. Sadly with the Clintons on the horizon, dividers like Barber and so-called big thinkers will flourish.

Divide and conquer: the mantra of Democrats.

Al Slaughter


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