Elissa P. Yount: People or policy

May 17, 2014 

The only thing incorrect in your May 11 lead story about Sen. Phil Berger and the Rev. William J. Barber II was the headline over the pictures. The headline should have had “Opposition” over the picture of Berger and “Power” over the picture of Barber.

Barber works for right and justice while Berger works to turn back progress in our great state. While Berger feels it is good policy to “try something and if it does not work, you try something else,” he discounts and ignores all the people affected while he is “trying.” This is not a game to the people suffering from no access to Medicaid, lowered unemployment payments, inadequate wages and education and dangers to our environment.

“Berger is all business, and that business is policy.” Barber is all business, and that business is people. Now, I ask, who is the “Power” and who is the “Opposition”?

Elissa P. Yount


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