Susan Cohen: Don’t drop programs to help college students

May 18, 2014 

The paradoxical juxtaposition of two articles in the May 4 newspaper screams out for more thought, more comment, more action.

In the news article “ UNC-CH reviews health fee,” we learned that the trustees of our flagship university are questioning programs at the university that include sexuality counseling, sexual topics and social advocacy.

In the news article “ Colleges focus on fighting sex crimes,” which was also on the front page of the New York Times, we learned about the problem of sexual harassment and assault on college campuses. We learned that many college administrators and experts across the country say that “while the world has been changing, higher education has done a poor job of understanding the shifts and responding to them.”

So our esteemed trustees think that UNC college students, many whose hormones are raging due to their psychobiological stage of life, do not need any programs that address these issues. I wonder what the students think. Have the trustees thought about asking them?

Susan Cohen


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