Combs Elementary in Raleigh earns its place at the top

May 20, 2014 

Elvis had it. John F. Kennedy had it. Some fellow named Pharrell has it, we hear.

And A.B. Combs has it. No, we’ve not discovered a new movie star or singing idol by the name of Combs.

Rather, the “it” is magnetism. And A.B. Combs is officially A.B. Combs Leadership Elementary School.

Or, as students and teachers are calling it these days, the leader of the pack, the king of the hill, Numero Uno, the best. For the second time, Combs has been named the best magnet school in the United States. The award comes from the Magnet Schools of America, and the competition is fierce. Combs was one of 300 applicants.

Combs, on Lorimer Road in Raleigh, was quick to note on its website that it’s the only school to win the award twice. And this is no mean feat. It also brings along with it a $5,000 prize. No wonder, then, that Wake County Superintendent Jim Merrill showed up for the celebration and didn’t mind having himself photographed in a pair of crazy glasses.

Principal Muriel Summers is the school’s leader, but she shares the bows with teachers and staff. Indeed, Combs is a fine example of teachers, staff, parents and, yes, children, working together to make their school excellent.

But it’s important to note, even as we celebrate this very good school, that as the school year closes many parents, teachers and principals all over Wake County can take a bow or two themselves for the job they’ve done. Elementary school requires intense supervision of children, an extra measure of nurturing and emphatically dedicated teachers who are ushering the youngest students into an educational system that will help launch them into life.

This area is fortunate indeed to have great professionals getting the job done for thousands and thousands of children. Winners, all.

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