Four year terms for NC lawmakers? 3 Republicans want to see it

Posted by Patrick Gannon on May 22, 2014 

Three Republican senators filed a proposed constitutional amendment to change state legislators’ terms from two years to four years and limit members of the House and Senate to four consecutive terms.

Senate Bill 817 was filed by Sens. Warren Daniel of Burke County, Jeff Tarte of Mecklenburg County and Ronald Rabin of Harnett County.

Daniel said four years would give lawmakers greater opportunity to form policy and take some of the focus off of raising money for re-election bids.

“We felt that if legislators could focus more on legislating than on fundraising and campaigning then it would be better for the state,” he said.

According to the bill, the amendment would go on the ballot this November, and, if passed, four-year terms would begin for members elected in 2016.

Daniel said it was too early to say how much support the bill would garner or whether it would get a hearing this session. “It was something we were working on, and we wanted to create a dialogue and see if there was support for it, both among other legislators and the public,” he said.

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