David Scott: Pittsboro needs binding assurances

May 22, 2014 

Regarding the May 21 news article “ Chatham Park nears final vote”: The remarks by Preston Development Co. representative Philip Culpepper about the Chatham Park rezoning process were inaccurate. He said, “That’s their only goal, is to kill Chatham Park.” He must have attended a different public hearing than I did.

Almost every speaker assumed that this project will go forward. Many of the speakers made the same request: That the developer’s rhetoric about environmental safeguards and sustainability be matched with binding language in the rezoning agreement. Preston Development has steadfastly refused to do this over the last 10 months.

When Culpepper stated that “we believe we should be treated the same way as the rest of the town,” what he really means is that they want to be treated like everyone else on some issues (no affordable housing requirement) and treated completely differently from everyone else on other issues (high density of homes in areas along the Haw River).

It is entirely possible that the ownership of the Chatham Park project will change hands in the future. This will make all verbal assurances from the developer meaningless. The Pittsboro Board of Commissioners needs to require binding language in the master plan on all the critical issues before approving the rezoning of this property.

David Scott


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