Nancy Corson Carter: No regard for safety

May 24, 2014 

Regarding the May 21 news article “ Panels vote to hasten fracking”: So North Carolina is to be all agog about the little welcome-back present after Memorial Day when Republican legislators intend to ram fracking down our throats?

Who cares about public safety when touted advantages for business are so high? The legislative pushers make fun of “lawyers’ math” while their math cuts testing distances in half, comfy room for the drillers but not enough to protect homes, schools and day cares from poisons and disruptions of fracking “neighbors.”

These legislators are dead certain they don’t need silly local regulations; they’re smarter than geologists who warn about deep faults and diabase dikes in the areas they want to exploit, never mind that these can conduct fracking chemicals to ruin water wells far beyond the sites.

They claim moral superiority by protecting the trade secrets of fracking’s chemical brew against the “abuses by fracking foes.” They pooh-pooh the precautionary principle, dismissing researchers considering potential health risks to women, children and the elderly.

These braying betrayals are sickening. North Carolina would do well to send that “little welcome-back present” back posthaste – “return to sender, delivery denied.”

Nancy Corson Carter

Chapel Hill

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