Greg Bruhn: Adverse effects

June 1, 2014 

The recent public declarations by Republican candidates for the senatorial race, that man’s activities don’t affect global warming and consequent sea-level rise, remind me of the testimony given by tobacco company officials when questioned about the addictive quality of cigarettes. Their answers were totally oblivious to scientific data from independent sources.

All four candidates gave answers that were sanctioned to pass muster with the Republican Party. A “yes” would have signaled disloyalty with the party. Why can’t candidates challenge the status quo?

Man has the capacity to redirect the flow of rivers, alter the topography of mountains with mining techniques, create erosion to the point of its effects being visible in satellite photos, drive fish stocks to the point of collapse and create “urban heat islands.”

All Americans learned about the “Dust Bowl,” but some have forgotten the effects that were observed as far east as Washington after wind-driven dust blotted out the afternoon sun. I’m sure there were skeptics who did not want to link commonly used farming practices of the 1930s with dust landing a thousand miles away.

Man has a past history of adversely affecting the relationship between earth and atmosphere.

Greg Bruhn


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