Alice Zincone: Bluebird safety

June 1, 2014 

The May 28 “Your best shot” featured a black snake invading a bluebird house by climbing a tree. Be assured this snake ate any eggs or babies that might have been in that box. This is exactly why the North Carolina Bluebird Society recommends that nest boxes be placed on metal poles. If people want to enjoy and help bluebirds and other native species of birds (protected by law) by having nest boxes in their yards, please do homework!

There are many issues with bluebird houses, such as preventing non-native species (not protected by law) or snakes from overtaking the nest box, where to put a box and how to monitor and report bluebird nests. It’s not as simple as nailing a box to a tree or post. If we follow the guidelines, we’ll be more successful and have nests all summer to enjoy.

Help the bluebirds in their comeback. Please don’t put nest boxes on trees or 4x4 posts or research and make or purchase a snake/raccoon guard. Be a responsible friend of wildlife, especially our bluebirds.

Alice Zincone


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