Jonathan E. Curtis: ‘A’ for adios

June 4, 2014 

Regarding state Rep. Paul Stam’s June 3 letter “ Inexcusable omission”: Ah, woe is me! A state “representative” is criticizing you for an editorial – not a news report – on the rules of conduct for protesters in the Legislative Building.

The writer, no doubt a skilled educator, reporter and editor himself, concluded with, “Your English teacher would give you an ‘F’ ...” Sadly, the writer fails to recognize that due to his work and that of his colleagues, there are no English teachers left in our beloved state to issue grades. They have fled for greener, and much saner, pastures where education, the life-blood of development for a sound and gifted future and a greater America, has not been eviscerated by a body who can’t take a little noise ... and a lot of criticism.

Jonathan E. Curtis, Raleigh

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