Future uncertain for Harris Teeter’s digital coupons

Posted by Amy Dunn on June 5, 2014 

The future of Harris Teeter’s popular digital coupon program is uncertain after the announcement by Google that it is ending its Zavers coupon program.

Harris Teeter spokeswoman Danna Jones said via email that the supermarket chain was informed by Google last week that the digital coupon portal would be shutting down.

“We are evaluating next steps in this regard,” Jones said. According to this article, the Zavers coupons will be history within a few months.

The popularity of Harris Teeter’s digital coupons --known as E-Vic coupons but nicknamed ZVRS by couponers -- rests primarily on the fact that shoppers are permitted to combine or stack a paper coupon and a digital coupon on a single item. That means bigger savings, and in many instances, particularly during a Super Double coupon event, grocery items end up being free.

This double-dip savings is rare in the grocery industry, making Harris Teeter the darling of supermarket chains among coupon shoppers.

Most notable in this situation is that Kroger, which purchased Harris Teeter earlier this year, does not allow coupon shoppers to stack paper and digital coupons.

Couponers can only hope that Harris Teeter will not adopt Kroger’s digital coupon system and policy.

In the meantime, enjoy the extra savings while you can.

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