Ruth Ann Grimes: Bad precedent

June 6, 2014 

I had been very concerned about the release of five former Taliban leaders from the Guantanamo Bay prison in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s freedom, but after reading your June 5 editorial “ The swap,” I was completely reassured these individuals have been rehabilitated, will be closely monitored by the Qatar officials for a year and will not return to their positions of power to plot terrorist attacks against the United States. We have absolutely nothing to fear. It’s all good.

Seriously, what are you thinking? These men are the “Fab Five” in the Taliban. Why would these five be specifically asked for in the negotiation process? Of course they will be welcomed back into the organization with open arms! They have had over 10 years in prison to harbor even more resentment against the United States so they will want to seek revenge. To think otherwise is very naive.

I am glad Bergdahl was released from his five-year captivity. No American should be left behind, and every attempt should be made for the rescue; however, the administration should have consulted with top congressional leaders before proceeding. Perhaps different conditions could have been offered without the release of these five senior Taliban leaders.

The United States negotiated with a terrorist organization, not a country we are at war with. This sets a terrible precedent.

Ruth Ann Grimes


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