Phil Henry: Don’t rush to judge Bergdahl

June 6, 2014 

I agree with your June 5 editorial “ The swap.” I wish everyone would take a breath and count before jumping into the weeds. We have scarcely celebrated this young man’s freedom or allowed his family and friends to celebrate before piling on President Obama’s decision.

The most disarming criticism comes from fellow soldiers who served with him suggesting that he was a deserter who served dishonorably. The Code of Military Justice (in time) has procedures to address this issue. “Time” is the operative word here, and that is something that Obama critics are not willing to allow. The sober among us are willing to allow this process to play out. If he is guilty of a crime, no doubt, he will be punished.

It pains me to see the stones thrown at Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s parents for trying to get their son back. As I listened to the vitriol heaped upon this family, I wondered how many critics have had a child held prisoner in a foreign country. Bergdahl’s parents expressed love no matter if he deserted, is mentally ill or suffering from war-related maladies and confusion. Answers will come in time.

Phil Henry


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