Comments from ex-Tar Heel basketball player McCants draw backlash

June 6, 2014 

Rashad McCants’ comments triggered a Twitter firestorm Friday. A sampling of reaction:

Crazy that someone so disreputable would try to tarnish something so special.”

Former UNC forward John Henson @_John_Henson

“Rashad McCants is out of his mind.”

Former UNC player Wayne Ellington @WayneElli22

“I don’t know that Rashad McCants lied, or why he even would, but if there’s one player in my decade covering UNC that could do it? He’s it.”

CBS columnist Gregg Doyel @GreggDoyelCBS

“I did not see any problems while I was at UNC as a player or a coach. I feel sorry for Rashad...He has had a lot of ups and downs during his career. If there are any issues I trust that Bubba Cunningham and the University will get to the bottom of it.”

Former UNC coach Matt Doherty @DohertyMatt

“Whenever an athlete with entitlement comes up short of their dreams, they will throw any and every one who knew them under the bus....”

N.C. Central coach LeVelle Moton @LeVelleMoton

“NCSU fans praising McCants. UNC fans praising Hodge. Convinced I’m in the same temporal nexus as the Star Trek Generations crew was.”

UNC writer Sherrill McMillan @rellevent21

“Rasahd McCants Can Speak For Himself. Don’t Put Us (UNC) In Your Educational Struggles.”

Former UNC tight end Eric Ebron @Ebron85

“The only ones who come out looking worse in this Rashad McCants grade farce story than #UNC brass/Roy Williams/RM may be the NCAA.”

Fox Sports’ Bruce Feldman @BruceFeldmanCFB

“All the seriousness about the UNC academic stuff aside, did McCants pull a “You forgot to give us homework” nine years after the fact?”

Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples @Andy_Staples

“Let Mr. McCants or whoever else come and take this anatomy class for me and then tell me I have it easy! I’ll gladly step aside & watch lol. Shoot if there are “easy” classes or a way I can just “show up and play ball” let me know!! Bc I have yet to be introduced to such scam.”

UNC football player Ryan Switzer @Switz03

“It’s sad how people will do anything for notoriety!”

Former UNC guard Dexter Strickland @DStrick1

“Every week it seems like an athlete comes out and bashes the University, blaming everybody but themselves.”

Former UNC football player Kareem Martin @reemthedream_95

“Nothing was ever given to me, I earned it! #Fact.”

Former UNC guard Leslie McDonald @Lezz_McDonald2

“I cant run w/the athletes that have everything laid in their laps to go w/ their entitlement then go full Nicky Barnes when not an NBA star.”

Former N.C. State forward Julius Hodge @Follow24Hodge

“FYI: #WPN the @NCAA isn’t taking a championship away from UNC. Y’all realize that right? won’t happen. NO PENALTY whatsoever. #EsElMundo.”

Julius Hodge @Follow24Hodge

Compiled by Chris Wright

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