June is golden with green

June 7, 2014 

It is difficult to fully appreciate the commonality of miracles. Consider the magic that awakens with June. The emerald month comes with the nonstop explosions of green that blanket our landscape with the upwelling of life. It’s a special month stuffed full with miracles that provide proof beyond any logical argument that a spreading world of new life and growth is occurring driven by irresistible forces.

Nature has set its course for a journey through the months of sun and warmth. Here on the verge of summer, all the inhabitants are rejoicing.

Anyone who questions the incredible power of the leaf needs to leave the confines of mankind’s brick and concrete edifices for a short tour through the rural world of green, looking to the seemingly unending fields of now ripening grains, the tall corn, vineyards, apple trees, the vast grasslands with fattening herds of sheep, cattle, chicken and hog that surround busy, bustling cities.

Over many eons, the emerald has rightfully gained a reputation as the queen of gems. Ancients likened the heat and color of its internal fire to that of the colors of Venus, regarded as the goddess of beauty and love.

As such, emerald is regarded as the most elemental of liturgical colors. The internal light emanating from within this symbolic holy gem was restricted to be worn only by the most educated of religious leaders. It signifies the light of enlightened leadership and reflects the escape of the faithful from the burning deserts of slavery as they enter God’s cool, green pastures.

We revel now in this emerald month, the land and our spirits greening. The hue of hope suffuses the eve of summer when shadows grow velvet dark beneath the full-leafed trees, cows and horses dot the pastures and the days grow so long it seems a scene even the sun is reluctant to leave.

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