Tim Epperson: Access denied

June 8, 2014 

Regarding the June 3 Point of View “ New protest rules a responsible step” by former N.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice I. Beverly Lake: In this well-written submission Lake lauds the “openness” of the Legislative Building and asserts that the legislators who work within those walls are “the most accessible elected figures in state or federal government.” He goes on to praise a prevailing environment that “allows North Carolina’s residents – students, visitors, legislators and activists – open access” to see the legislative branch work.

I am sure that for a Supreme Court chief justice (and possibly well-connected lobbyists with fat briefcases) that indeed the overall environment and “access” are open and welcoming. But how does this perspective square with the images of Moral Monday protesters being arrested for the audacity to try and meet with their representatives?

How does it stand up to the Legislative Building’s (locked) doors just this past Monday when a peaceful attempt was made to deliver letters of concern to our lawmakers?

Perhaps Lake would be so kind as to experience true openness and democracy in action by attending the next Moral Monday rally at the Legislative Building (the people’s house); that is, of course, if the doors aren’t locked.

Tim Epperson


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