Partha B. Howell: ‘Greatest’ not forgotten

June 8, 2014 

I read the June 6 article “Only a few remember it all,” which highlighted M.H. Green.

First, I want to thank Green and all who served and sacrificed in World War II. They truly are the Greatest Generation. I want Green to know that in our home World War II is not forgotten.

Although my husband and I are baby boomers, we know the freedoms we enjoy each day came with a great price. Both of my parents served in World War II, my father in the Army and my mother in the Women’s Army Corps. My husband’s father and his four brothers (from Raleigh) also served in World War II, four in the Navy and one in the Army; they all returned safely. We have their pictures, each in uniform, hanging in our living room, and each time we look at them, we remember.

We were fortunate to visit Normandy, France, several weeks ago. Walking on Omaha Beach and visiting the American Cemetery, with tears streaming down our faces, will be forever etched in our memories.

We will never forget those who fought and sacrificed on a faraway beach in Northern France 70 years ago.

Partha B. Howell


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