Larry Bob Evans: Lessons from D-Day

June 9, 2014 

Your remembrances of the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion were very moving and exceedingly well-done. Only one major aspect of that time was missing.

Picture a panoramic view of the Normandy beaches. Picture the endless flow of men and equipment from landing craft, to tanks, to aircraft overhead. Now remember that 90 percent of those weapons and the military formations moving forward did not even exist at the time of Pearl Harbor. More than 90 percent of what we built and sent to Normandy, as well as to the Mediterranean and the Central Pacific and the South Pacific, was created in just two and a half years.

This nation rolled up its sleeves for the duration and went to work to save the world. Our federal government led the way in bringing together the industrialists, the inventors and the workers. We used huge numbers of women and every other group not usually associated with war work. Everyone pitched in and did their bit.

The soldiers who fought and won World War II are now called “The Greatest Generation.” But as the name implies, it was all of us working together that made victory possible.

Many Americans do not even want this nation to unite as we were united not so long ago.

Larry Bob Evans


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