Julie Halas Gros: False confidence

June 9, 2014 

I had to laugh when I read the May 27 letter “ Confidence in Duke Energy’s commitment” from Michael Rencheck, president of AREVA, a French company that builds nuclear power plants.

In it, Rencheck spoke of Duke Energy’s integrity and responsibility and briefly invoked the Dan River “incident.” Rencheck never once mentioned the words “coal” or “ash” but instead seemed to offer a public call of support for a company whose irresponsible management led to the nation’s third-largest coal ash spill on Feb. 2 into the Dan River.

It might be worth noting that on the same day this letter was printed, AREVA announced that Rencheck had accepted a position at his company’s headquarters in Paris.

As someone who plans to continue living and operating my business in Charlotte, I am not convinced by Rencheck’s vote of confidence, and it is hard to believe that Duke Energy has much interest in being a good neighbor in North Carolina.

Julie Halas Gros

Executive vice president, IMEX Management, Inc.


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