Geoffrey Frank: A grim future

June 10, 2014 

In his June 4 column “   ‘Mean-spirited’ Republicans our last, best hope,” J. Peder Zane imagined an alternative vision of the future. He would do better to explain the Republican-controlled legislature’s vision for North Carolina.

The vision that the legislature is implementing is a state with cheap, unskilled labor that encourages the export of nonrenewable natural resources. This vision sells the people of North Carolina short. The legislature is rapidly implementing this vision by cutting unemployment support to ensure a supply of cheap labor competing for minimal wage jobs, cutting support for education from preschool to our university system to limit access to the education needed for high-paying jobs and rushing to start fracking.

The legislature is returning our state to an antebellum economy in a race to the bottom to compete with Third World economies, and it is not fiscally conservative in the short run. While many other states are achieving budget surpluses as the economy improves, North Carolina is facing a budget deficit of $445 million by recklessly cutting taxes before ensuring sufficient income. The legislature is not our “last, best hope” but is preparing a grim future for our children.

Geoffrey Frank, Carrboro

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