Phil Henry: McCants lacks credibility

June 10, 2014 

Enough of the Rashad McCants saga! The media should not play to his antics.

If he has gotten religion all of the sudden, let him give back the athletic scholarship money and the professional contract money that he got after beating his chest with the UNC logo on it for three years. He has exploited the school for his own benefit, and now he wants to tell all.

Many college athletes go to class, earn degrees, get professional sports contracts and pursue other meaningful careers. These success stories shouldn’t be soiled by McCants. All colleges have “basket weaving” courses to keep unenlightened, student-athletes eligible. UNC had more than most.

The amount of money available to college sports teams mirrors their entertainment value. The paper course shenanigans (and “swapping out,” whatever that is) would never have bubbled up to the head coach. Assistants do the dirty work. Do tutors write papers? Yes! But that is between the athlete and the tutor (wink, wink). No sensible coach will touch that.

McCants is trying to show us all how smart he is. Better we keep our mouths closed and be thought a fool than ...

Phil Henry, Cary

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