Eric Hall: Trainers, nurses essential

June 10, 2014 

Regarding the June 4 letter “ School nurse cuts”: I completely agree that the public should encourage the Senate to fund school nurses and increase their availability at every school.

As a teacher of sports medicine and as the certified athletic trainer providing medical care to all student-athletes, I deal with injuries daily at the high school level.

The school nurse is not on campus very often while trying to cover multiple schools, so injured students will inevitably get sent my way because of the high level of medical training. Evaluating and treating students is not part of my responsibility unless it happens in my area under our school-safety plan.

Most injuries are minor, but head trauma and concussions have become more frequent. Currently 82 students have experienced a concussion this past school year from athletics, PE, falls or direct trauma either at school or non-school-related activities.

The number of concussions has been consistent the last few years. I have been instructed to assist with only athletic injuries, but with no other staff member trained to deal with concussions, assisting a student is the right thing to do.

Schools have an obligation to ensure safety during the school day, and a permanent school nurse at every school is crucial.

Eric Hall

Teacher, certified athletic trainer, Cary

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