Bob Kuhlow: Guide to importing teachers

June 11, 2014 

Jim Jenkins’ June 5 column, “ Truth and consequences,” was spot on. Now with the exodus of teachers in N.C., even the most simple-minded understands we will have to import teachers.

Whoever the governor or legislators assign the task of recruitment, I have some do’s and don’ts when advertising begins:

• Do tell them about the 11 percent pay raise (which also has a good election year ring to it). Don’t tell them about not being able to be tenured if they want the pay raise.

• Do tell them initial base salary is going up. Don’t tell veteran teachers they need not apply.

• Do tell them we are pushing for a better educational pay system. Don’t tell them we are 46th in the nation and only trying to get up to average.

• Do tell them we have teaching assistants. Don’t tell them a substantial number will be let go and definitely don’t tell them their current salary will probably go down.

For further information, they can call Sen. Phil Berger, Rep. Thom Tillis or Sen. Jerry Tillman. They can explain the particulars, and if in town, stop by the governor’s office; he gives out cookies to teachers.

Bob Kuhlow


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