Jim Nolan: Bad state of N.C.

June 11, 2014 

Let us see how smart the anti-public school, pro-business people are in Raleigh. Well, business and industry will hardly come to N.C. now that the schools are in such disarray, so there goes the pro-business angle they promised.

Teachers are now being recruited to Houston right in our backyard for considerably higher pay as well as benefits while the fiddling continues in Raleigh. If the exodus continues, the remaining teachers will be faced with classrooms of 40 or 50 kids, which will be next to impossible to teach much less control.

Now the old carrot and stick method (or should it be called bribery?) is being used to have teachers give up their constitutional right to due process for a raise while millionaires have been given tax breaks that could have solved so many of our current problems.

Art Pope has transformed the party of Lincoln, Teddy, Eisenhower and Reagan into something none would recognize and along the way is killing our state in the name of what, I do not know. When will we realize governing takes money, and reduced taxes for the wealthy is not the answer.

Jim Nolan

Morehead City

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