Cooper Sykes: Change VA rules

June 11, 2014 

I strongly urge people to read the June 10 letter “ Difficult VA tour,” as it was brimming with common sense and fairness. The Category 8 rule giving VA care to vets with financial means and no service-connected disabilities should be rescinded, allowing the whole VA system to serve only those vets with actual service-connected disabilities.

I am a veteran who volunteered, served and would likely be covered by the Category 8 ruling. I have no service-connected disabilities and thankfully am financially able to care for myself. For these reasons, I have never even considered availing myself of these benefits. My fellow citizens do not owe me VA benefits just because I served in the military.

We definitely need to apply an honest and thorough means test, resulting in benefits for only truly deserving veterans. I’m sad to say that I personally know too many people who are undeservedly riding this gravy train.

My sincere thanks to the letter-writer for shining the purifying light of common sense and fairness on the VA issue, which is just one example of our nation’s current penchant for “cradle to grave” entitlements.

Cooper Sykes


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