Judy Stafford: GMO story lacked balance

June 12, 2014 

Regarding the May 21 Life, etc., article “ Genetically modified foods confuse consumers”: The article failed to represent the positions of those who oppose GMO foods. There may not yet be sufficient research to prove risk to humans from eating GMO foods, but that’s not the same as proving that they are safe, especially long-term, and there is evidence that GMO foods may be linked to numerous health issues.

The article didn’t address environmental concerns such as increased use of toxic herbicides contributing to herbicide-resistant weeds and the possible effect on wildlife populations like amphibians and monarch butterflies; the impact on non-GMO and organic farmers due to cross-contamination with GMO crops and subsequent ownership of the plants and seeds by the GMO patent-holder (Monsanto); the economic impact due to loss of export markets like the the European Union; evidence of lower crop yield from GMOs; and loss of crop diversity.

The story was written more like a news release from Monsanto than a legitimate news story.

Judy Stafford


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