Dale R. Warren: Medicaid fears

June 12, 2014 

Many North Carolinians are under the false belief that the Medicaid rolls consist mainly of nonworking, capable adults. This is the Orwellian doublespeak that allows conservatives to attack Medicaid without repercussions. The Medicaid rolls are filled mostly with children, pregnant women and the elderly who have exhausted their resources.

My mother is 92. She worked until she was 85. My father and she worked hourly wage jobs, did the right things, were not frivolous, purchased a modest home and saved their money. My dad was proud that he built up $150,000 in savings.

My mother has had several small strokes and suffers from dementia. She is in a nursing facility that costs $7,000 per month. Her income is $350 from Dad’s pension and about $900 from Social Security. The $150,000 is quickly running out. We’ve had difficulty selling her house because it is in a depressed community. We finally have a buyer at $40,000, not much to help with a $7,000 monthly bill.

I am worried that when the money runs out, the proposed Medicaid changes will leave my mother out in the cold. My sister and I can’t afford to make up the difference. My hope is that Republicans won’t put my mother on the street to support tax cuts for the wealthy.

Dale R. Warren


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