Algenon Cash: Don’t knock fracking

June 14, 2014 

Regarding the June 5 news article “ N.C. now open to fracking”: “When opportunity knocks, all some people can do is complain about the noise,” Bill Maher said. I applaud Gov. Pat McCrory and our state legislators who weren’t distracted by the noise. Opportunity knocked, and they answered.

They recognized the invaluable opportunity we have in our substantial natural gas reserves. The reserves have existed for a long time but were inaccessible. Thanks to the development of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), now they are.

In North Carolina, we’re sitting on enough natural gas to meet our needs for the foreseeable future, enough to put thousands back to work and boost our economy. Permits will be issued for fracking as early as May 2015. The jobs and revenue will soon follow.

Contrary to recent headlines, opening up our state for shale gas development was no hasty decision. Five years in the making, this bill is the result of lengthy study of environmentally friendly fracking and development of comprehensive guidelines to govern the process and commitment to the protection of our natural resources.

North Carolina will enter the energy business as a leader with some of the most stringent standards in the country.

Algenon Cash

State chairman, North Carolina Energy Forum


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