Ralph Edelberg: Bad body language

June 14, 2014 

Though I have always been a registered Democrat, I frequently vote for a mix of candidates. As one who values a clean environment, I disagree with the current move by Republicans to open N.C. to fracking. However, even this I could accept – but not the photo with the June 5 front page news article “ N.C. now open to fracking.” That photo portrayed Gov. Pat McCrory as gleeful about the passage of the law to allow fracking, and with the showing of the signatory pen, he looks even to be gloating.

On such a sensitive, volatile, long-enduring and heartfelt issue, I would have rather the governor made a statement to the effect that his administration understands that many N.C. residents disagree with allowing fracking, but that the belief of the majority in the legislature as well as the governor is that fracking is the right thing to do, and so that’s the way it has to be.

The most respected political figures in history seem to be those who demonstrate respect to the party not in power. Body language matters a lot, and that shown in the photo is dead wrong.

Ralph Edelberg


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