At its mid-point, the year brightens

June 14, 2014 

The leafy month of June sings many songs. It speaks of a season that offers bright splashes of roses in bloom cascading up and across the back porch, trumpet vines offering deep swigs of sweet nectar free for any bird, butterfly, moth or creature that can delve the depths of summer’s golden flower.

June brings bright ruby breasted hummingbirds with their flashing of green and purple riding on a busy blur of wings.

There is to be found a treasure house of gold that glitters with the evening’s gathering of prothonitary warblers.

This is the time near the mid-point of a year that brings sun-filled days that are long and bright with brilliant skies, sun and wind-burn, sand in the sandwiches and shoes. It is a time for seeking refuge and cooling in the evening’s breeze, eyes following flitting swallows and watching the silent great white heron as he stalks wind-rippled waters.

June is the year coming to its apex, taking up its assigned role, a father figure leading its children to bring the year to its crowning glory. It’s an appropriate month to honor fathers.

Honoring one’s father is as old as the Bible, but the celebration of the father’s role as we recognize it on “Father’s Day” is quite a recent concept. For the day was not official until it was proclaimed by President Lyndon Johnson in 1966 and later signed into law by President Nixon in 1972. Thus was created an official day for honoring bonds and giving ties.

It was a nice thought then and it is today. So go ahead, surprise your father with that new yacht he always dreamed of, after all he’s worth it and such Dad Days come but once a year.

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